The Essential Elements of Mobile SEO

Today, mobile marketing is gaining more ground as one of the most efficient means of online advertising. As the number of smartphone users steadily grow, so does the need for businesses to get much-needed traffic through their mobile-compatible websites. So how exactly can you compete in this battlefield?


People key in mobile searches differently than they would when using desktop search engines. For one, they often use more localized searches, since mobile users are more likely to look for businesses right at the moment they need to buy something. You should also optimize with short searches in mind, since most users rely on Google’s autocomplete feature to finish their search for them.

Independent Design

During the early days of mobile marketing, it was enough to convert a desktop website for mobile use. Today’s mobile sites, however, are much more independent, with a separate design that aims to optimize the mobile user experience, which can vary a great deal from what desktop users need.

Quick Load Time

Mobile users are often in a rush, so if your site doesn’t load quickly enough, they might turn to other sites for what they need. While rich or high-quality content or media can always boost user engagement, make sure that you apply this sparingly so it doesn’t end up sacrificing your site’s overall load time.


SEO: More than Just Keywords

Search engine optimization (SEO) has long been associated with keywords. That is, an SEO specialist looks at the possible keywords associated with a client’s business, and incorporates these terms into the marketing copy.

While this principle still applies today, it’s worth pointing out that SEO is more than just stuffing content with keywords, especially after Google updated its algorithms to bury spammy, keyword-studded pages in search results pages. Now, SEO experts take a more holistic approach to the practice, which include the following techniques: Continue reading

Getting Better with SEO on the Go

Take a walk on a busy street and discreetly observe ten random people. Chances are, some of them will be using their mobile device to surf the Internet. Clearly, many people tend to be online while they’re on the move. If you’re a business owner who’s looking to attract more mobile users to your operation, adequate search engine optimization (SEO) can be the way to go; here are ways for you to get it right the first time.

Responsive… Design?

One of the key ingredients in a mobile-heavy SEO process for a website is to tweak it in such a way that it eases viewing over all existing mobile platforms. Your marketing expert will recommend letting the search engines access all computer code in the website so it aids in the page loading faster on a device. Do not use videos and pop-up ads, their code is not recognized by search engines and that can result in lower site rankings

Where Are You?

Many electronic gadgets have voice-command programs, such as Apple’s Siri, but they are also effective tools for a mobile SEO strategy. A search engine optimization specialist will implement methods to ensure the terms that best describe your site will be picked up when someone makes a voice search.

Remember: a site that is easy to access over desktop PCs and mobile devices can be an effective tool for your business.